Alternative Rock Artist Alex Golding

latest album – 11 songs, written and produced by Alex Golding

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Colour of Love is the stunning new album from singer songwriter guitarist & producer Alex Golding. His rock riffs and melodic pop songs from the hip and the heart will have you hooked!

Stunning 6 panel fold out art with 11 song CD, written and produced by Alex Golding  – Signed

Includes high-quality download in 24bit WAV or MP3

Colour of Love began as a journey. I started recording ideas without thinking, sometimes a song a day, regardless. Most were musical vibes that became quite developed before even knowing what they were about. I recorded them in an impulse from a seed of creativity that wanted expression. As a result I let the songs lead me to where they wanted to be. I just followed.

Finally, I’m lucky to be able to play several instruments and enjoy the process of recording and producing. Furthermore, I’m nuts about studio craft and equipment, and the incredible recordings made by legendary artists some of whose spirit I hope can be heard in these songs. This album could not be what it is, without the wonderfully gifted individuals whose unique contributions really have brought it to life. My deepest thanks and respect goes to them because they made it happen.

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Written & Produced by Alex Golding

Recorded at AGM Studios, Britannia Row, Bankstock Studios
Engineers – Alex Golding, Charlie Thomas, Martin Merenyi, Nicolo Panzarasa
Mixed by Alex Golding at AGM Studios
Design – Djangology (Django Cai)