Nine Classic Jimi Hendrix songs performed & produced by Alex Golding

Delivered via high-quality download in 24bit WAV or MP3

“Whoa this is soo cool!! The sounds and the playing, the singing is amazing – electrifying!!” Chris Kimsey, Producer, The Rolling Stones

Hendrix has always played a major part in my musical life, both as a writer and guitarist, so it’s a natural (though daunting) step to be recording an album of his work. Assistant producer Nicolo Panzarasa casually mentioned to me one day that he’d always wanted to record a couple of Jimi Hendrix songs, so I jumped up and said “I’m your man! Let’s do it!”. Then the panic set in! He had a shock when I later told him I wanted to record nine songs – we only had one day to record!It’s a tribute to the great musicians and studio team, that we actually did it (and captured it on film). This album is my homage to Jimi for the love and beautiful colours he shared with us during his brief time here….